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feminization front orbit astocondor

ff frente y orbitaIt is a process from the CFF that varies since polishing the frontal bone and orbit for surgical remodeling. In severe cases it is necessary to completely remove the sinus bone and mold to the desired size and shape, then placed back in its final position and must be fixed by mini plates and micro screws of titanium or another material, some absorbable. In other cases they may use fillers materials such as autologous fat (same patient), in order to round the flat forehead, giving it a more feminine look and thus more delicate.
Another alternative to improve the shape and size of the frontal sinus bone and the orbit is to mill (polished) until thin and so mold to the desired shape.

specificacion titulo
icon flecha abajoType of anesthesia: Local or assisted sedation.
icon flecha abajoOperating time: Between 60 and 90 minutes.
icon flecha abajoRepose:  2 – 6 weeks.

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