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gluteoplasty bottock

cc implantes de gluteosThe Gluteoplasty surgery is designed to enhance and shape the buttocks of women and men, either congenital or acquired (due to age, loss of muscle tone or buttock skin laxity) have atrophy of this anatomical region.
Who is the ideal candidate to undergo Gluteoplasty?
Those men or women with atrophy of the body region, with loss of projection and undesirable rounded, giving the appearance of "flat" buttock.
What symptoms may indicate that a Gluteoplasty can be beneficial?
- Lack of roundness in the buttocks.
- Flat buttocks, with little projection mainly in the upper two thirds of the buttock.
There are two basic techniques for a Buttock Augmentation: using patient's own fat or by implants. Each has its advantages, disadvantages, limitations and directions..

specificacion titulo
icon flecha abajoType of anesthesia: Epidural or assisted sedation.
icon flecha abajoOperating time: Between 3 and 4 hours.
icon flecha abajoRepose: 3 days of hospitalization.

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