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liposuction women men

cc liposuccion en mujeres y hombres


Procedure based on the removal of fat, which cannot be removed by exercise or strict dieting, it remains in the body giving irregular shapes.
A summary of the procedure to follow:
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icon flecha abajoType of anesthesia:: Epidural
icon flecha abajoOperative technique: Infiltration of tumescent solution, with this infiltration causes excessive bleeding does not occur and also manages to come out easier fat.
icon flecha abajoActo Quirúrgico: Between 3 - 4 hours.
icon flecha abajoRepose: 1 day of hospitalization.
icon flecha abajoPost - Operating time: The period lasts 4-6 months in order to lost inflammation. The first results are observed at 30 days post-surgery. It is necessary to use strip for 6 months, the patient will observe purple areas and hardened that gradually will disappear. Liposuction does not remove cellulite, throughout the procedure you advise the patient to perform ultrasound sections for reducing inflammation area and molding the body contour.


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