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eyelid surgery astocondor

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This surgical procedure is aimed at removing the skin and fat pockets that increase its volume in the upper and lower eye lid. In this surgery crow's feet are not removed.

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Type of anesthesia: Local or assisted sedation.
icon flecha abajoOperative technique: Based on an incision in the upper eyelid to extract fat and excess of skin. Once completed is left with points. In the lower eyelids we have to evaluate the patient, if the intervention is positive we make a transconjunctival incision or marginal for extracting skin and fatty tissue.
icon flecha abajoOperating time: Between 45 and 75 minutes.
icon flecha abajoPost-Operatorio: You will start your daily homework on the 3rd day of the intervention. Points are removed on the 5th day. Use sunglasses for approximately 8 weeks.
icon flecha abajoRecovery: Fast.

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